C a l l i n g     E n t r e p r e n e u r s       A  c h a l l e n g e   a w a i t s   f o r              C E O‘s     ‘Production                            Fabrication: ‘Para-Trigger’,           a  ‘Personal Parachute Trigger’  for     rescue  of  the distressed man at                        high altitude.

The indiscutabel fact that the working conditions / safety at a high altitude need to be adjusted as necessary and we as service provider - HRM / ARBO / SEARCH - lack the tools to realize this safety tool,  we make an urgent appeal to the 'Make-Industry’.  Are you as an entrepreneur able and willing to take the 'Para-Trigger' described below into production and commercialize it? In other words: General financing - Purchasing / Sales - Assembly supplied parts - Introduction worldwide - Development; and after reading your interest aroused in such a way that you are resolutely:  "Yes, that's me". Please contact the undersigned.                                                       

Para-Trigger                                                                                                                              Two ' Triggers ' together forms the ' Para-Trigger '.  The ´Triggers ' ensure that the parachutes can freely develop in a special way and the person concerned is brought to safety at the same time under the parachutes. Because the free fall is not necessary to open the parachute, de 'Para-Trigger’ gives the most socially acceptable, practical application, to provide life-saving security at high altitude. The fall speed on the ground will be 10 -12 m/sec under normal conditions, so that a safe landing is ensured.                                                                                                    Trigger                                                                                                                                    The ' Trigger ' is a cylindrical container where the parachute and stiffeners are housed. At the bottom of the cylinder is a second cylinder - smaller diameter - with a powerful pressure spring. Above the pressure spring be found the so carefully collapsed parachute. Against the wall - from below within the double wall - of the cylinder are the spring stiffeners. With the red button - confirmed on the shoulder strap of the harness - the pressure spring of both 'Triggers ' will be activated, making the ribs with the parachutes be bumped out. While the parachutes through the spring stiffeners emerging - mind you, at different heights - is the person all at the same time drawn. The system is secured in such a way that the ' red button ' not earlier than after lifting an extra ‘Security lever ' will be used.                                                                                         Parachutes                                                                                                                                  The use of two 'Triggers ' with parachutes increases the safety. After all when one falters left you have sufficient bearing capacity. The parachutes are manufactured of the Sea-Island Cotton ' high-quality '. The fiber length of this particular cotton - also 'jewel ' fiber called - is not only longer and stronger but  also lighter and thereby better to compact in the cylinders. The parachutes are folded in such a way that they will be developed automatically and the person as it were carried away. They are equipped with light metal spring stiffeners which arc-shaped, stretch, crossed directly after activating the 'Trigger '. The special thing is that the parachutes open directly and not as with the normal parachute-jump first open itself during the 'free fall '. The 'free fall ' comes here so no longer because person concerned directly by the parachutes. From a social point of view, the use of the 'Para-Trigger ' thereby fearless optimal accepted.             

User  manual                                                                                                                            - Free place take-on balcony, Gallery or on a frame of an open window.                                        - Deposit unlock with the 'Security-lever '.                                                                                - Control good free place and head bend over either to your feet.                                                 - Red ‘button ' impressions with which the 'Para-Trigger ' will be activated  and  in  a  f l a s h        the person will be hung  under the parachutes and floats quietly  to the solid ground, S a f e .      

T e c h n i c a l  d e t a i l s                                                                                                          General                                                                                                                                 The Para-Trigger' will be carried on the back, attached to a shoulder strap that to the resource and the shoulders is beaten and is anchored in the usual way via the groin, the so-called ' harness '. The whole is so compact that during work there is no interfere of it. If the executive work make it possible and for example also in high-rise buildings, the ' Para-Trigger ', of course, also be as close as possible to the hand held directly in the event of imminent danger to be able to do. It goes without saying that the use of the ' Para-Trigger ' should be subject to strict rules of use because it can be used only in strict emergency situations. In any case, it must be avoided that it will become a ‘recreation - tool’.                                                                                  

Dimensions                                                                                                                              -  'Trigger' , consists of a light metal cylindrical container of ± 42 x 12 cm, inside which a cylinder of ± 15 cm length and  a diameter of ± 10 cm is placed at the bottom for a powerful compression spring. The upper part - ± 27 cm. - of  the container and the resulting double wall space from below is used for the precisely folded parachute and the ribs with the lanyards. The ribs and the catch lines thus lie along the entire cylindrical container wall.  

- 'Spring',  has a diametric of  ± 8 cm. and a tense length of 15 cm, which a force of 1778 N (approx. 181 kg.) will be sufficient. The right type of compression spring for the desired result will of course on experimental method should be adopted. The pressure spring can by changing the wire gauge, the number of coils possibly diameter.

- 'Locking', a secure lock is mounted on top of the outside of the container with steel lid. This lock holds the lid that holds the compression spring tight.

- Spring stiffeners ´,  the parachute is unfolding by 6 spring stiffeners that are flexible, light stainless steel tube and hollow. These six ribs of ± 42 cm. hits by resilience directly open after activating the Trigger. In these ribs are 2 stretch thinner ribs placed also by resilience and collectively do unfold the parachute.

- 'Parachute' , the  wingspan  amount to ± 2.5 m. and will be made of very thin, but very strong ‘Sea-Island  Cotton’ . The surface of the total parachute-cloth will be  ± 10 m².

- 'Formula',  for purposes of calculating the various components:                                                                                  V = the square root of : 2 . F /p. (C) w. A                                                  V= fall speed in meters/second (m/s)                                                                                        F  = the total weight van parachute with everything below it hangs in Newton (N)                     ρ = density of the air on the height where the parachute on. (sea level ± 1.225 kg.)                 CW = parachute drag coefficient (± 0.8 at parachute without air holes and/or slots in it)              A = area of the parachute - cloth.                                                                                                         

 P.S.                                                                                                                                          We make this call with the conviction that you, as an entrepreneur, will not be bothered by the need for this worldwide rescue aid. For questions we are always available and at your service. We will take care of your registration and enter into a dialogue with you in a careful and reliable manner. I am pleased to wish you that wisdom when considering that it will lead You , with your company,  to become the realization of this 'people in need of rescue'  security tool.  Sincerely, with best regards,   

A. Aalders,  director.                                                                                                              Bureau Somar B.V.

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